Trumpet Fun was founded in 2017 by trumpeter Hans van Wingerden.

For years he had the idea of writing good and fun material to practice and perform with a trumpet section or at home alone.

For musicians with playing experience (especially those who play in an orchestra), fun in playing can sometimes be a challenge. This is mainly due to a lack of fun and/or challenging material. During professional training, there is often quite a lot of music available. After training is done, available music options quickly diminish, leaving musicians to play only their own part in an orchestra. The joy of playing the trumpet disappears, and the music often stays untouched in its case at home.

That is, of course, a pity, because what is more fun than playing the trumpet?!

The compositions on Trumpet Fun are all written for four trumpeters (as one might find in a big band) and consist of different music styles (such as Salsa, Jazz, Funk, etc.). All songs are accompanied with backing tracks played by real instruments, and a practice track is also included for each part.

If you want to play the music with four people, but four trumpeters aren’t available, you can also use the extra parts like saxophone and trombone. Find out how this works in the video below.

Hans van Wingerden

Hans van Wingerden (born in 1983) is a professional trumpet player from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at conservatories in the Netherlands, and now works as a freelance musician, both on stage and in the studio. In addition, he regularly writes arrangements for horn sections and big bands, and he writes all the compositions for Trumpet Fun.

Hans endorses Vincent Bach trumpets.

Hans van Wingerden as soloist at Guido’s Orchestra